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Pastel artist Mike Ayotte has a life long love of drawing. The Winnipeg born artist enrolled in art classes to further enhance his artistic talents. His skills developed quickly. Mike has an extensive involvement in sports and music, helping to evolve a style of pastel paintings ...Read More


Robert Bateman was born in 1930 and grew up in Toronto. From his earliest days he has been keenly interested in both art and nature. Although he was a high school teacher for 29 years he never considered art and nature as mere hobbies, but as an integral part of his whole quality...Read More


Born in Ithaca, New York in 1953, Victoria Block is a landscape painter and ceramicist who lives and works in Montreal. She studied at York University in Toronto and obtained her BFA from Concordia in 1978. Since then she has participated in more than 40 solo and group shows and ...Read More


Brenders' insistence on anatomical perfection in his paintings stems from his philosophy that nature, itself, is perfection - "That is why I paint the way I do with so much detail and so much realism - I want to capture that perfection" Carl Brenders says. He produced wildlife il...Read More





Shirley Elias first made her mark as an artistic force as a concert pianist with performances across Canada. Now as a visual artist, she has enjoyed a high demand for her work with over ninety private commissions to date including recent ones to Florence, Italy. Her original pain...Read More


Cheryl Gilarski Born in Ontario and raised in Manitoba, Cheryl has been commissioned to create paintings and murals throughout Canada and the United States. Her work ranges from realism to the abstract. Her love of nature and passion for the outdoors defines her work. Chery...Read More


Sandy GIass has been involvedin the Winnipeg art communitfy or many years,winning numerous awards and teaching workshopsin Mixed Media Collage,Photo Transfer and Watercolour on Yupo paper.I n February of 2013,s he taught a workshop in Encaustics in La Jolla, California.
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Bruce Head 1939 - 2010 Winnipeg, Manitoba Painter and sculptor Bruce Head graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Art in 1953. Since then, he has pursued an active career as a designer, painter and sculptor Head's credits include solo exhibitions and particip...Read More


Professional Artists in their own right, Mary Kennedy and Michele Woodey began working together in the year 2000. They were commissioned to create site-specific installations combining painting, photography and interior design. This successful partnering led to a deeper explorati...Read More


Lisa Horne Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. My kindergarten teacher told my mother "Lisa will be an artist" I agonized over a career path of a number of years, until at the age of 30 I chose to make my living by doing something I had the greatest passion for...my art. I beg...Read More


The six months of stark winter in Western Canada has led me to choose colour as my primary theme. I see vibrant hues where others see greys and browns. I do not paint light falling on objects but rather moving through space with great energy,…floating and flashing, The colour i...Read More


JAN KAMIENSKI 1923 - 2010 Jan Kamienski was born in 1923 in Poznan, Poland where he began his art training. After studying in Paris at Ecole des Arts et Metiers, Kamienski attended the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, where he studied painting and graphics and earned t...Read More


Kathleen Kolba - Abstract Expressionistic Artist My creative process is a personal journey which connects me to something much greater than myself. Art offers me a world of infinite possibility where constant exploration and experimentation enrich and inspire my work. O...Read More


Her iconic work pushes the boundries between traditional and the contemporary abstractive landscape. An inspired student of Turner, her visions are thick and atmospheric; full of colour and movement. This energy bursts through Kozokowsky's rich abstractive landscapes, creating ...Read More


Wendy loves working with Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canadian artists who have a passion to support and encourage each other, so that together all artists can achieve excellence and success. Wendy Kroeker (Erhardt) earned her diploma in Applied Arts, design and illustr...Read More


Monique Larouche - Artist Monique Larouche is an international professional artist in visual art. She has exposed in solo in Kyoto (Japan), three times in Paris (France) and in the Museum of Charlevoix in Québec. She has also many individual and collective exhibitions in many a...Read More


Brian Lund After graduating with a degree in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba, Brian Lund spent the early years of his career surveying in rural Manitoba, indulging his love for nature and the outdoors. Traveling, camping, hiking and cycling have always b...Read More


Born in 1978, Jason Poturica is a Winnipeg-based photographer with an estimable flair for capturing uniquely powerful imagery. The combination of his incisive eye and vast experience in the visual arts forge a new and exciting approach to photography. At the core of every fr...Read More


In the manner of a renaissance person, it's impossible to separate Larry Rich the artist from the musician. The journey began in his childhood copying his favourite cartoon characters as well as writing and illustrating his own books. Learning bass and guitar as a child prope...Read More


Karen Robb Artist Statement While others might describe me as a Contemporary Abstract Expressionist, I see myself as an artist whose influences span many different movements; Abstract, Modern, Fauvist, Post-modern and Pop Art. I am perhaps 10% conceptualist but a formalist at ...Read More

Rudy,Mary Anne

My current work consists mainly of mixed media monotype prints that are abstract but often include some aspects of realism such as flowers or landscapes. The first part of the print is created on a metal plate using rollers, brushes and other tools to develop and create patterns ...Read More

Saint Hilaire,Michel

Michel Saint Hilaire is a fine artist and explores diverse mediums, creating mainly with acrylic paint. For several years he has been highly prolific within the realm of the visual arts scene in Winnipeg. His works have been shown in diverse galleries, such as the Maison des Arti...Read More


Roman was born in Poland and there learned and worked as a political artist. In Canada, his artistic skills evolved while painting religious icons for churches, portraits of national leaders and set designs for theaters and ballet. Travelling extensively from east to west and lea...Read More


Biography Hubert Théroux grew up in the rural community of Cardinal, Manitoba where his love for the Canadian prairie was nurtured on the family farm. His interest in art began in childhood and by fourteen had settled on oils as his medium of choice. As a youth he pai...Read More

van Leeuwen,Mandy

Whether it’s a three story tribute to a local personality, animal enclosures at the zoo, a magical bedroom for a young child or the perfect playful backdrop to a man cave, each of Mandy’s pieces is a unique and unforgettable work of art. Mandy enjoys the challenges of in...Read More


BIOGRAPHY Todd White's distinctive style and down to earth personality have won him an international reputation. And his profile just keeps on growing.  Born in 1969 in Texas, he came from humble roots. During his twenties he relocated to Hollywood and worked in t...Read More